Toyota Landcruiser Prado


LandCruiser Prado

LandCruiser Prado





The front of the car

The front of the car has a strong sporty, modern style with the radiator grille, front bumper and fog lamps that enhances the dynamic appearance and creates distinctive look for the car.

Outer mirrors

Outer mirrors electrically adjustable and retractable, integrated LED side turn signal lamp increase safety while turning and create luxurious accent for the car.



Headlamps has edgy and elegant design with optimized lighting effectiveness as well as integrated automatic leveling system to avoid glare on drivers coming forward you, enhancing safe driving, especially at night.

Fog Lamps


Rear combination lamps

Rear combination lamps with new LED design enhance lighting effectiveness and create strong, modern impression for the rear of the car.


Alloy wheels

17” 6-spoke alloy wheels, signature of cross-country vehicles, improve the car’s stability and easy to drive, creating comfortable feeling for passengers on all terrain.



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