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Toyota Hiroshima Tân Cảng hân hạnh giới thiệu đến Quý khách hàng dịch vụ Vệ sinh dàn lạnh, khử mùi xe hơi sử dụng sản phẩm ThreeBond sản xuất tại Nhật Bản.

Services booking

At Toyota Hiroshima Tan Cang, the most modern making-appointment system is used to avoid the preventable oversight in making appointments that render customers the most convenience.

Express maintenance

Our company, with the effort to most meet customer’s need and expectation, has officially launched Express Maintenance for operation. This program helps implement all servicing items, pursuant to the professional maintenance process of Toyota Corporation, Japan....

Periodical maintenance

Toyota Hiroshima Tan Cang-HT is a 100% Japenese-owned capital company. We always bear in mind that your car maintenance is among our tops-of-mind. With the state-of-the art equipment system plus the team of technical professionals trained directly by Vietnamese and Japanese experts, customers can rest completely assured when bringing your cars to our Dealer. We will render to you the best satisfaction.

4 Hours scratch repair

It’s an effort by Toyota provided to customers, a type of paint repairs completely new, first time coming to Vietnam. Using this service, customers just spend 4 hours to repair the scratches and grazes with the best quality of repairs, which has never happened before.

Body painting

To meet the criteria “Customer’s satisfaction is number one”, one of the indispensable factors is the repair quality.

Heavy repairs

While driving a car, every driver wishes and prays for no sudden car accidents for himself or his relatives on it; however, accidents are lurking somewhere and would attack very unexpectedly, causing damage to human beings and the vehicle, rendering us great despair about our deformed vehicle. That’s why it’s so essential to restore the good image and quality, also the safety of the car.

Emergency service

In the event your car has an incident on the road but you can’t find a place to get it checked and repaired for safety, please contact us.
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