V-belts transfer the engines rotation to the cooling fan, water pump...


  • V-belts transfer the engines rotation to the cooling fan, water pump, compressor and power steering pump.


                                 1. Lớp vải (cotton)

                                 2. Lớp cao su(CR)

                                 3. Lớp chịu kéo (Poyester)

                                 4. Lớp chịu nén (CR) 

                                 5. Lớp vải (cotton, aramide) 

 - Plain: The basic configuration for raw-edge belts. Strong gripping power makes it suitable for passenger vehicles and small trucks.
 - Multi-ply: Layers of bias cloth are added to the plain belt to make it last longer.
 - Cogged: A corrugated underside decreases energy loss caused by bending. Because even larger size belts are flexible, cogged V-belts are often used for diesel powered vehicles such as trucks and buses.

                      6. Lớp cao su

                      7. Lớp chịu kéo

                      8. Răng cao su  
  -These are thinner and have larger contact area than Raw-edge belts, increasing their flexibility and efficiency in transferring power. Suitable for small and high performance engines.


  • Genuine belts: The bottom layer of a genuine Toyota V-belt is rubber-coated to prevent cracking. Heat-resistant Aramide Fiber is used for the top fabric and tension member.
  • Non-genuine belts may have a simple configuration or an inferior combination of materials. They tend to stretch and wear out quickly.


  • A genuine Toyota V-belt is designed specifically for your vehicle.
  • Since non-genuine V-belts are not designed for specific vehicles, they may not be a perfect fit for your engine. Your engine might not run as smoothly as it could, or worse, squeaks and uneven abrasion may occur requiring early replacement of the belt.


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