Genuine brake pads to ensure stability and maximum safety ...




Brake pads enable vehicles to stop by pressing on both sides of the brake rotor, which rotates with the wheels.

That would easily happen to your car if the car you may not use Toyota Genuine Parts

How can we distinguish between authenic parts and the counterfeit?

  Brake lining

The lining on genuine Toyota brake pads is specifically designed for Toyota vehicles ensuring balanced, stable braking in all temperatures. Genuine Toyota brake pads are more effective than non-genuine brake pads. They don’t have to be replaced as often, making them less expensive in the long run.

Driving with non-genuine brake pads may not be as safe because they fail to provide the stable performance, reliable braking and durability that Genuine Toyota brake pads do.

Environmentally friendly

Unlike some non-genuine parts, genuine Toyota brake pads are made without asbestos, which is hazardous to the environment.


Anti-skim shim

Genuine Toyota brake pads have a finely processed anti-skim shim which prevents the highfrequency vibration that causes brake noise.

Non-genuine brake pads do not have an anti-skim shim, making them more likely to squeak


During the manufacturing process, all genuine Toyota parts undergo strict quality control inspections. Genuine Toyota brake pads are carefully checked for proper clearance between the brake pad and caliper to ensure smooth braking.

Since many non-genuine pads are not properly inspected for proper clearance, they may squeak — or even cause brake failure.




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