Spark plugs ignite a mixture of compressed air and fuel...



Spark plugs ignite a mixture of compressed air and fuel, creating engine power.

How can we distinguish between authenic parts and the counterfeit?


A resistor located between the center electrode and the center axis enables genuine Toyota spark plugs to prevent interference with onboard electronics, such as the radio. Non-genuine spark plugs without resistors fail to reduce interference with electronics.
U-groove ground electrode

Genuine Toyota spark plugs feature a U-Groove ground electrode which optimizes engine performance, including starting, acceleration, fuel economy and power.

Because they do not have the U-Groove ground electrode, many non-genuine parts actually impair engine performance.


Genuine Toyota housing have good heat-conducting so it helps spark plug for best performance in ideal temperature.

If housing conduct heat badly, it not only can make spark plug be operated in too high or low temperature, the reason of engine misfire but also creat early ignition, the reason of damaged engine.

Heating range To work efficiently, engines must have spark plugs with the appropriate heating range. If the range is inappropriate, the plug may fail to ignite, resulting in poor starting, reduced performance on uphill climbs or when carrying a heavy load and increased fuel consumption. A genuine Toyota spark plug is the only way to guarantee proper heating range.


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